Current Problem

Security software eat up
device’s performance

For information on the impact of
security software on system performance, see
the AV-TEST's Performance Tests.

Single virus engine
is not enough

A single and incomplete software
is open to being breached if
a particular threat is not present in its list.

Post-infection treatment
is late

Even though an antivirus has cleaned the infection after catching there could be some consequences regarding the wholesomeness of the system afterward.

our Solution
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Cloud-base Multi-engine Threat Prevention System

CMTPS was born not just as a security product for the internet of clients, but as a security platform for the Internet of Things.

The CMTPS is able to recruit several anti-viruses in its cloud peacefully TOGETHER -that it is impossible without any problem in devices- and this is while unlike the method of anti-viruses, it cleans the whole data BEFORE entering the client’s device as well as without ANY process on that.

Performance Booster!

Traditional local security solutions -such as antivirus software- cause a serious decrease in device’s speed and function as well as their impossibility to be run in small and weaker devices which leads these devices to the total malfunction.
More Accuracy!

The use of multiple engines enables a more efficient threat detection and hence better security results.
Prevention instead of Cure!

The main method of an antivirus is to cure after infection it means that they just can operate after a device is infected by a virus. This method has always had this flaw with itself that even though the antivirus has cleaned the infection there could be some consequences regarding the wholesomeness of the system afterward.

Products & Services

In the large scale, the Cloud-base Multi-engine Threat Prevention System (CMTPS) is presented in two main methods: Cloud-based and On-Site. The Cloud-based method is prepared for businesses and the On-Site method is offered to service providers.

Beside our services for the organizations, we are providing the safety of the CMTPS for individual clients by “ozOne”.

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“ozOne” utility is the customized type of CMTPS for individual clients worldwide via a VPN connection.

Coming Soon -

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Business | Cloud-based

For enterprises, small and midsize businesses, the CMTPS is prepared as a service by setting up a gateway server.

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Business | On-Site

For ISPs, mobile carriers and data centers, the CMTPS is located as a product inside the service providers’ network.


Free Online Security Services

Here we have offered two of our free online security services.

Website Security Analyzer

Check the health of URLs and analyze that.

Internet Security Analyzer

Check level of your internet security and analyze its situation.

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