Our Story

WelkinWare is a technology company headquartered in London, specialized in designing, developing and implementing security solutions.

In November 2013, WelkinWare with the vision of creating a high security solution that reduces the dependence of internet users to the traditional local security solutions -such as antivirus software- started its project which named CMTPS (Cloud-base Multi-engine Threat Prevention System).

In October 2015, CMTPS was born not just as a product for the internet of clients, but as a platform for the Internet of Things.

The CMTPS is able to recruit several antiviruses in its cloud peacefully simultaneously -that it is impossible without any problem in devices- and this is while unlike the method of antiviruses, it cleans the whole data before entering the client’s device as well as without any process on that.

Security in Large-Scale

A Gold Key Solution for Data Centers, ISPs, Enterprises and Medium Sized Networks


Cloud-base Multi-engine Threat Prevention System

Why Cloud-base?

Performance Booster

Why Multi-engine?

More Accuracy

Why Threat Prevention?

Prevention instead of Cure